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Hi! I’m a freelance designer and animator based in London



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Boiler Room

Parlophone Records

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Graphic Design—First Class Honours

University of Brighton (UK) & Nagoya University of Arts (Japan)




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VICE – Venom Superman

Working under the director Joseph Melhuish, we animated two films for VICE documenting stories from behind the scenes of their most notorious documentaries. In the first piece, Josh Haddow recalls a shoot he produced in which a man injected himself with venom from the world’s most lethal snakes.

Friendly Fires – Love Like Waves

Artwork for Friendly Fires' new single, creating images and animation for use on the sleeve and lyric video.
Art Direction: Matt De Jong

Timedance – Patina Echoes Compilation

A 12" record cover and centre-disc design reflecting the Timedance record label's continuing legacy in curating otherwordly electronic sounds.

Converse Social Media

Alongside design studio Anyways I created a visual language for the Converse social media channels. The system had to be flexible, in line with their brand aesthetic and work against a wide variety of imagery. We created typographic and compositional systems to allow the marketing team to elevate the posts into cohesive branded content.

Athletic Knights

Poster for Parisian record label Athletic Knight's February club night.

Staff Picks

The title sequence for Staff Picks, a new series on Boiler Room. The series is of short videos where the music programmers at Boiler Room pick out their favourite performances from the archives, so the concept was to make a selection from a series of many different genres and cities that the performances span. Each episode contains different words appearing in the title sequence.

Art Direction: Margot Bowman & Josh Wiley
Design & Animation: Harry Butt

Boiler Room

Various projects undertaken with the creative team at Boiler Room

Notting Hill Carnival with Boiler Room

Working with the team at Boiler Room and alongside Braulio Amado as the art director I was involved in designing print and digital content Notting Hill Carnival 2017.

Elderbrook – Sleepwalking (Parlophone Records)

Music video for Elderbrook's new single Sleepwalking. Worked with designer Casey Roarty who designed the sleeve on the concept of the destruction of the natural world through the human gaze. Additional video editing by Dan Basset.

Profiles of Paris

I directed and animated a short animation for the UN with the help of Chen Winner, marking one year since Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement. The animation is a collection of narratives bringing together international leaders and change-makers to offer unique views on how the Paris Agreement was achieved and what lessons can be drawn for the future.


A collection of stills and algorithms form an ongoing investigation into mathematical image-making

Timedance007 / Laksa – Contrasts EP

The debate between ritual habits and club environments is illustrated using photography from my old local church in Brooklyn, mixed with abstract 3D design.

Schuttle – Home EP

Record label Panatype's first release was formed around a recurring call and response theme, which is reflected in the artwork's exploration of the dialogue of spaces

ABRSM #BecauseOfMusic Campaign Animations

Alongside Tandem Production company I created a series of 6 animated episodes for ABRSM about the benefits of learning to play an instrument. A voiceover by UCL professor Susan Hallam accompanies each episode, which tackles different topics such as Confidence, Mobility, Intelligence and so on. The episodes are being released monthly via social media channels and the official Because Of Music website.

Memories of Other, pp60

A book documenting the decline of the Grimsby Docks paired with local stories and anecdotes. This study is part of an ongoing investigation into space & place through an anthropological lens.

Patterns, Winter / Spring 2017

The artwork for Pattern’s first season of 2017 is formed of remodeled and re-imagined examples of temporary architecture that reflect Pattern’s role as a place for escapism, and to highlight the role that music venues have to play in providing shelter and relief.

Rust Belt, Pennsylvania

Luzerne County, Pennsylvania voted for Trump by the largest margin than any other county in the US during the 2016 Presidential Election. Shortly after Trump’s victory I travelled there to gain some insight and document the rural communities.

Face.V & R H G T - Miscommunication Of Machines

Artwork for Antwerp based record label 'Audio Visuals Atmosphere' cassette release, exploring the "aural phenomenology of purposefully built machines. Two deliberately calculated instruments acknowledge each other's presence in a realm of electro acoustic ideologies."

Snact Crowdfunding Animations

Snact, a waste-free fruit snack company, asked me to create some animations for their crowdfunding campaign to go alongside their recent rebrand.

Frond App, Branding & Animation

I was brought onto the team behind Frond to create the branding, art direction and animation for the launch of their new app.

The View From Above (2015)

46 Tower Bridge Road

Whilst working at DSDHA Architects I created images for the Architect's Journal feature of our jewellery workshop.

Metrist – Speed (Opal Tapes)