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You're It


Animation and stills for Nike Kids' Back to School campaign: a selection of young athletes starting an infinite game of tag.

Working with the European HQ for Nike my work formed part of a global campaign. I developed the art direction and created the animation for the footage of the Nike Young Athlete Laetitia dancing.

Sound design - Joseph Higgins



I created and directed a campaign for fashion retailer Zalando, designing and building a 3D world as well as directing a photo and video shoot. The product and models from the shoot were placed into the 'Sneakernet' environment, which adapted to the hero product in each scene. Working as an animated and stills campaign it ran across the Zalando homepage for four weeks.

Photographer: Alistair Strong
Additional VFX: Cherry Cherry
Agency: Superimpose


5 Years

Series of artwork for Bristol based record label Timedance's anniversary world tour.


Experimental Feature


Commissioned by Bandcamp to try and capture the essence of Experimental music. Here are 4 illustrations for their featured music page 🌪 I designed four temple spaces dedicated to the genre with impossible architecture and fantasy structures. Commissioned by Emma Shore

Crack Magazine



Centre page poster for Crack Magazine Issue #99 🐉 What does it look like when machine learning becomes human?




As the Art Director for the Timedance record label I have created covers for the various releases over the past few years. Experimental electronic music from artists such as Air Max 97, Batu, Metrist and Laksa is paired with experiments and investigations into abstract digital art.


Record Cover

Artwork for Avelino's single with Dave, created during a pitch. I developed the art direction of creating a religion for the rapper, creating ritual worship sites and powerful religious objects to form the main artwork.




Projection visuals for Chloé's Spring 2020 show at the Long Museum in Shanghai. The sequences were created under the theme of Chinese cinematography and projected alongside the catwalk and afterparty.

Agency: Silent Studios
Event Production: Kennedy
Additional VFX: Hayden Martin


Animated Sting

A short sting for Boiler Room's social and web banners. Inspired by SenseTime - the Chinese company providing technology to authorities enabling them to identify, track and record individuals through public CCTV, marking specific behaviour and activities against their file.
Sound Design by Joseph Higgins

Data Images


Stills created from developing algorithms in an old piece of Windows software that visualises the combinations of mathematical formulas. Any numbers can be used to create unique visuals through this process.

Champion x Footlocker


The art direction and design for a Champion footwear campaign, creating print assets for an in-store launch throughout Footlocker branches.



As part of Nike's Tech Collective I was asked to create a short animation to respond to the new TechPack clothing range. I focussed on technology and innovative fabrics through a mixture of high resolution scanning, formula-based image making and 3D animation. The work has gone up in a special exhibition in the NikeTown store throughout late 2018.
Sound Design by Joseph Higgins

Design and Development: Twomuch Studio