Butt Studio

The Rotunda, 201 Wood Lane, LONDON

Hi! I'm a freelance designer and animator based in London.

Selected Experience & Clients

Boiler Room
Sagmeister & Walsh
Sony Music
Warner Records


Timedance 019 / Air Max 97 - Bruxis/Ice Bridge


Nike - You're It

Animation and stills for Nike Kids' Back to School campaign: a selection of young athletes starting an infinite game of tag.

Working with the European HQ for Nike my work formed part of a global campaign. I developed the art direction and created the animation for the footage of the Nike Young Athlete Laetitia dancing.

Sound design - Joseph Higgins / Metrist

Chloé - SS20 Shanghai Show Visuals

Projection visuals for Chloé's Spring 2020 show at the Long Museum in Shanghai. The sequences were created under the theme of Chinese cinematography and projected alongside the catwalk and afterparty.

Agency: Silent Studios
Event Production: Kennedy
Additional VFX: Hayden Martin


Zalando Sneakernet

I created a campaign for fashion retailer Zalando, designing and building a 3D world as well as directing a photo and video shoot. The product and models from the shoot were placed into the 'Sneakernet' environment, which adapted to the hero product in each scene. Working as an animated and stills campaign it ran across the Zalando homepage for four weeks.

Boiler Room Sting

A short sting for Boiler Room's social and web banners. Inspired by SenseTime - the Chinese company providing technology to authorities enabling them to identify, track and record individuals through public CCTV, marking specific behaviour and activities against their file.
Sound Design: Metrist


Nike Tech Collection

As part of Nike's Tech Collective I was asked to create a short animation to respond to their new clothing range. I focussed on technology and innovative fabrics through a mixture of high resolution scanning, formula-based image making and 3D animation. The work has gone up in a special exhibition in the NikeTown store throughout September 2018.
Sound Design by Metrist


Depop Market London

A pitch for Depop's adventure from a digital app to an IRL market in London. The art direction was pitched but the project was eventually taken in-house.


Fridays For Future

I created one of the placards for the Fridays For Future march, a global youth-led climate change movement. Invited onto the project by the I Love You agency I was partnered with the youth activist Noga Levy-Rapoport and we talked about her slogan. The placards were then printed and shared around the march.

The project has been nominated in the Design of the Year Award at the Design Museum.


WIRED Illustration

To accompany the opening essay titled “The Great Upwelling” in WIRED magazine's 25th Anniversary Edition, I created a piece to communicate the coming together of early internet communities to create new platforms that formed the core of the writing.
A network is built in the desert, reflecting the areas of California that were home to the important early web-based ventures.


Champion x Footlocker

The art direction and design for a Champion footwear campaign, creating print assets for an in-store launch throughout Footlocker branches.


Timedance 015 / Laksa – Contrasts EP

The design for the forthcoming release on Timedance draws influence from Systems, the 20th Century art movement driven by sequences of numbers and patterns. Released on 12" and digitally via Bandcamp.

Elderbrook – Capricorn (Warner Records)

As featured on It's Nice That (2018)
For Elderbrook's new track Nicole Ginelli and myself each created one half of the same music video, working under the banner of 'opposites attract' to communicate the story. The two halves were finally combined and we watch the different sides interact and work against each other in a dance of form and colour.

Direction: Butt Studio
Animation: Nicole Ginelli and Butt Studio

Elderbrook – Old Friend

Music video for the latest Elderbrook single on Parlophone Records. The journey to visit an old friend is cut with the embodiment of bad habits, using the wolf from the record cover as the symbol to drive the narrative forwards. Though partly shot on a thermal camera, most of the footage was caught whilst flying around the M25 in a rental car.


Timedance – Patina Echoes Compilation

A 12" record cover and centre-disc design reflecting the Timedance record label's continuing legacy in curating otherwordly electronic sounds.


Athletic Knights

Poster for Parisian record label Athletic Knight's February club night.



A collection of stills and algorithms form an ongoing investigation into mathematical image-making

Staff Picks

The title sequence for Staff Picks, a new series on Boiler Room where music programmers pick out their favourite performances from the archives. The concept communicates the many different genres and cities that the performances span, with each title sequence containing different words for every episode

Art Direction: Margot Bowman & Josh Wiley
Design & Animation: Harry Butt


Boiler Room

Various projects undertaken with the creative team at Boiler Room

Elderbrook – Sleepwalking (Parlophone Records)

Music video for Elderbrook's new single Sleepwalking. Worked with designer Casey Roarty who designed the sleeve on the concept of the destruction of the natural world through the human gaze. Additional video editing by Dan Basset.


Friendly Fires – Love Like Waves

Artwork for Friendly Fires' new single, creating images and animation for use on the sleeve and lyric video.
Art Direction: Matt De Jong


Notting Hill Carnival with Boiler Room

Working with the team at Boiler Room and alongside Braulio Amado as the art director I was involved in designing print and digital content Notting Hill Carnival 2017.


Timedance007 / Laksa – Contrasts EP

The debate between ritual habits and club environments is illustrated using photography from my old local church in Brooklyn, mixed with abstract 3D design.


R.H.G.T. – Panatype 003

Design for Red Hook Grain Terminal's latest release on cassette label Panatype. A limited number of digital downloads also came with a woodcut printed poster.


Schuttle – Home EP

Record label Panatype's first release was formed around a recurring call and response theme, which is reflected in the artwork's exploration of the dialogue of spaces

Metrist – Speed (Opal Tapes)